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You are not doomed to a life of repeating the same mistakes and behavior over and over and over again.

We have at our immediate disposal the most powerful “computer” ever created. Its called your brain.

“Our Mind”

Once you gain control of your mind your potential is unlimited. You will be able to accomplish goals and fulfill dreams that you never ever dreamed of !!!!!!

'I will teach you how to control your mind'

Ready to unlock the power of your Mind?

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Life Transforming Strategies That Will Enable You To Do and Accomplish Things You Never Imagined Were Possible!!!!

Unlike other personal coaches who don't walk the walk that they talk Brian and you will struggle through this crazy life together on a daily basis. Brian shares most aspects of his life daily with you through numerous daily video uploads including some real time streaming.

" I don't profess or pretend to be perfect. I struggle with all the things everyone else struggles with.  The difference for me and now you is that with my Coaching APP and strategies we can experience health, wealth and fellowship with humanity"

 "What a ride life can be when we live in the NOW!"
- Brian Nero, Your Personal Video Coach

It's Time To Create The New Person You've Always Known You Should Be

This is it, it's finally going to happen. With MaxiMind you WILL become a new and improved individual.

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Frequent Motivational Updates From Brian

Your Personal Coach Brian Nero is with you every step in the way. About to make a mistake? Then open up the APP and get the encouragement you need to make the right decision.

Effective Life Changing Tools

Learn all of the techniques to transform your life. Visualizations, Self Talk Mantras and Goal Setting to name a few will keep you on track and let you handle any challenges that come your way.

Community Collaboration

Need some extra support? Share your experiences and challenges with the rest of the community. Upload photos and videos of your achievements and see what the power of numbers can do for you!