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"Not too long ago I was more than 75lbs nuviante pounds overweight, at one time smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and was working 3 jobitel.com jobs to make ends meet, including delivering newspapers at five blood sugar premier o’clock in the morning!"

Today I am in the best shape of my life.

I job fairs near me own companies in Canada, U.S. and the Caribbean that generate https://xjobs.org/ millions of dollars a year

I was born in England , https://jobitel.com/ grew up and spent early teens in Queens New York and moved to Oakville, Ontario, Canada in the early 70s. https://findbride.agency/ I was talented in many areas including sports, entertainment and in business potential. Due to self esteem and confidence issues and probably being super duper ADD, never tested thank God, https://findbridereview.com I was a half miler in everything I did or undertook. I quit school the day I was old enough http://xjobs.org/ and commenced a life of menial labour jobs, unhealthiness and unhappiness. If asked, anyone who knew me would undoubtedly have referred to me as a “jack of all trades and master of none”.

Today, I hold an Honours Degree, Commercial Pilot’s xjobs.org/ License, advanced certificates in Family Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and am Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology Candidate.

I have had an extremely diverse career and personal life ranging from sweeping floors in factories to being a captain on a high performance corporate airplane. My varied career has included, to name a few, truck driver, chimney cleaner, heavy equipment operator, construction worker, correctional officer, factory worker, former golden glove and amateur boxing champion, manager, union representative, family mediator, counselor, and cable news broadcaster. I have overcome many obstacles in my life, including the loss of mine and my wife’s first born child, business failures, a tragic vehicle accident, low self-esteem, and unhealthy obesity.


"Trust me if I can change, anyone can!"



I am a known and respected natural born leader in my personal and professional roles in life. I have always been an innovator and motivator. After spending $35,000 and five years of my life to acquire the qualifications to become an airline pilot, I found myself lacking the self-esteem to go out into the world of airline pilots and get a job. I was always “so close, but yet so far” in every area of my life. I had the potential to be a world champion boxer but lack the confidence and commitment needed.


As a means of addressing my lack of self-confidence I got involved in cable television and eventually became a local news broadcaster.

I quickly realized the power of the audio-visual medium in terms of self-awareness. As they say, “Pictures and cameras don’t lie”. I developed a therapeutic process called Photo-Therapy whereby individuals are taken on a healing photo journey of their lives in order to engage in a better understanding of themselves and their personalities and behavior.

I am a caring and compassionate person. I have 20+ years of experience in the behavioral sciences field. Having spent a month in East Africa visiting refugee and relief camps during the famines of the early eighties, I realized what I describe as, “First hand experience in the real world.”

MaxiMind is a culmination of my life experience of trying to figure out who I am and what life is really all about. The world we live in is truly a “messed up place”; however, at the same time we are living in the most exciting, progressive, and important time in the history of man.

It really is possible to “get connected” and take advantage of the amazing opportunities that lay directly at our feet. I am going to introduce you to many outstanding, amazing and unbelievable people on this planet who are engaged in the most incredible scientific research that “explains” why we are who we are. Much more importantly we have the power to change anything we want to in our lives by harnessing the POWER of OUR MINDS!