Your body and you? Your body is you!


Your body is not 'separate' from your mind, or something your mind just controls... they are both part of the same system. The idea that changing the way you think can transform your body and your life is true, but never think of these as different parts of one machine.

If your body is suffering, your mind will suffer. If your mind is suffering, your body will suffer.

Understanding that your diet, energy level and physical well-being can play a large role in how your mind makes decisions is important. Too many people assume their decisions begin and end in their mind, when there is really much more going on.

We've all heard about athletes who 'need to get their head in the game' or can be psyched out in a pressure situation and thus they physically perform poorly, but the opposite can also be true... your body can sabotage your mind!

They key to making changes in your life is to understand the factors involved in what makes y ou choose one action over another, and that the time of day, how hungry or tired you are, who is with you, many things that are not obviously brain-related can have a big impact on how you make decisions and how you resist or give in to cravings.

The power to transform your life is within you, and with help you can control your own mind and give yourself the tools to have the body (and thought process) you deserve.

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