Scrap It


Making a decision to manage your daily stress in a proactive way is a major step in your total life management.

Please don’t be intimated by this program. It may look complicated but it certainly isn’t. I will simply teach you how to identify what things stress you (stressor) and then we will work together to teach you how to either cope with the stressor, re-think about the stressor, or problem solve around the stressor. Yes, it’s that simple!

Just follow the instructions, fill in the blanks, and start to live a less stressful life!!!!!

If you don’t encounter stress of some kind on a daily basis, you are probably living in the land of “OZ”. Managing stress is a major TOTAL LIFE MANAGEMENT component.

If you don’t manage stress well it can prevent you from self-actualization (being all you can be in every area of your life) because it will sabotage personal and/or professional growth. Some of us naturally manage stress very well. Most of us don’t.

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