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"I struggled with various diets and exercise routines (join a gym and NEVER go lol) and had literally given up besides playing volleyball in the summer. Now I have both diet and exercise under MY control, it doesn't control me anymore. Do I physically feel better, of course. Do I MENTALLY feel better??? You bet.

Thanks so much Brian!"
- Lisa M.

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"I have always been "in shape" in terms of playing sports but never felt all that healthy, both physically and mentally (about my health I mean).  This experience has truly changed my life. I really needed to look at things from a new perspective, and obviously it was not a perspective that I could achieve on my own.

I feel amazing now."
- Craig S.

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"I have a much better relationship with my body now, it's not about being skinny it's about feeling good, being healthy and active. I feel the best I ever have, it's never too late to change!!"

- Claire H.

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"I am and have always been in fantastic shape. Running, weight-lifting, martial arts, I am basically as healthy as it gets... but I never looked like I was the crazy gym rat that I am haha. That was because of my relationship with food (and drink). As intense as I can work out, I could also over eat with intensity! I always told myself I was just feeding my muscles, refuelling/etc but it was really an addiction that was in control. "

- Doug W.

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