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Put it down: Smokers lungs up close


Long term exposure of the lungs to the irritants in tobacco smoke destroys the normal lung structure. Because they’re continually pumped up with oxygen, normal and healthy lungs are plump and pink. While smoker's lungs are getting tar deposited in them ...and over time and after smoking lots of cigarettes, enough tar builds up inside the bronchioles until it is everywhere in the lungs.

It is a frightening scenario, even though we all know smoking is bad for our lungs too many people just keep going one cigarette after the next.

To be clear, I do not want to minimize how difficult it is to change established patterns or habits of behaviour. It could something different than smoking (e.g. anxiety, depression, defensiveness, bad relationships) but the mindset required to commit yourself to change is similar regardless of the addiction or situation.

"I find it hard to get motivated."

MaxiMind is NOT a motivational product, it is a Transformational product. The problem with motivational products is they tend to be short term temporary experiences. I am not interested in getting you all HYPED up and then the next day nothing has changed in your life and therefore my product goes into a drawer or shelf along with all the other motivational, weight loss and change your life products you have purchased.

I want you to immediately start to transform your thinking and never stop!


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